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2010 Rendezvous thank you from the booshway

Now that the dust from PPR 2010 has settled I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those that made this event the success that it was.  Whether you were part of the work team struggling to get the road passable or waiting patiently in Weippe and/or the surrounding area to get in – Most EVERYONE did their part!   This event was not the usual team of 4 – 6 people doing all the work, but a demonstration of most everyone working together for a common cause. 

I would also like to acknowledge that PPR 2010 should’ve, could’ve, would’ve been more stringent on the being more within the primitive guidelines which we had hoped to portray if by the time camps were in place I did not feel that my staff, particularly parking and dog soldiers, had already performed above the call of duty and I was not comfortable asking them to give even more.  Yes, there were things that I witnessed particularly in the way of non-primitive dress (with the exception of footwear) and some things on traders row that under normal circumstances would not have been allowed to “fly” but in this case I had to choose my “battles”.  I personally feel that the bottom line is that it is still up to the participant/trader to respect period correct clothing and accouterments without having to be told by a dog solider and/or trade chief.  And so, my apology on behalf of these people and if you were offended I am sorry - I take full responsibility for the decision that I made.

From all the reports my staff received I understand that those in attendance had a good time, enjoyed themselves AND took home dry canvas.  Thank you for the support you gave to me as booshway, and personally.  They say that you remember the adverse, so PPR 2010 should be infamous – an event to remember for years to come.

Thanks again for coming, helping, supporting and contributing to another successful Pacific Primitive Rendezvous…

Debbie Evans