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Pictures from this years rendezvous.


DATES:  17 – 25 JUNE 2011
LOCATION: COFFEE POT CREEK, PAISLEY, OREGON—3-4 miles from the Chewaucan Site Map to Site
                  42Deg. 33Min. 19Sec. N
                  120Deg. 37Min. 57Sec. W
Frenchie picture
Glen “FRENCHIE” La Chapell


2011 Site Picture 1 2011 Site Picture 2 2011 Site Picture 3 2011 Site Picture 4
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Raffle Prizes

Riffle Raffle Prize
20th Commemorative Rifle custom built by Ross Westgate
Riffle Raffle Prize 20th Commemorative stock plack
20th Commemorative Riffle stock plack
Leather Riffle Case
Leather Riffle Case
Saddle for horse camp
Canvas Tent 10x12
New 10x12 Canvas Tent made by Slash Back canvas Co.

We also have a wedge tent to be given to our top junior and 50 cal percussion rifle our top pee wee. Along with many other raffle prizes.
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