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Camp from field Beaver's camp
Beaver's Camp Carriage on road
English Teepee Freight Wagon
Pictures From the previous PPR at Forbstown

IMPORTANT NOTICE (Updated 05/22/2014)

New Campfire Restrictions

  The State of California has the restriction of  NO OPEN FIRES  in California, the property managers of the PPR site and the Pacific Primitive Rendezvous will abide by this restriction. There won’t be any open or ground fires. Braziers using charcoal only, must be off the ground and placed on something like a disc to catch embers or ash. Table top barbecues using charcoal only may be used. Charcoal in a tent stove can also be used but charcoal must carefully be started in the stove with charcoal lighter fluid (preferably gel)!   NO WOOD! Dutch ovens can be used over braziers that are over discs or trays that can catch ashes.
Make sure that the coals are out and then emptied into hole or existing fire pit and the ashes drowned with water every time. No candlesticks or candelabras. Only candles in an enclosed lantern can be used. Bring extra candles. Kerosene lamps may also be used. Propane camp stoves can also be used but remember to get them out only when you need them and to put them away when you are finished. No open propane burners other than camp stoves can be used. Also, keep your propane bottles covered and hidden at all times. These steps are reducing the chance of fires but not eliminating them. Please have a water bucket, a fire extinguisher and a shovel at your campsite. Please pass the word to everyone you know that might be coming to the PPR of these restrictions. All candles, lamps and cooking devices must be extinguished prior to leaving camp or retiring for the evening.


Yes 2014 is almost here. This year the PPR will be at:

New York Flat
Forbestown, California

JUNE 13-21 2014

Brad "BACONEATER" Scalise
Brad Scalise

Dennis "3 JACKS" McLeod (530) 742-2736
Dennis McLeod picture

Bill "Homeless" Alexander (530) 478-5744

Bill Alexander



We could use some more people with medical or first aid experience to help out during the rendezvous. If you could help, please call the Medical Chief Holley Blaylock at 530-741-9234


We need some help with the Junior Activities

Pam Rashke the Kids Activity Chief needs someone or several someones to help her with the older teen activities at the rendezvous. If you would like to help her or know anyone that could help please contact her at 530-274-1253 or e-mail at
blueskirt49@gmail.com .



Horses arriving Wagons arriving Sunrize TeePees Teepee day Tugg-o-war Night TeePee

Welcome to New York Flat, California 2014

This is a pre 1840 primitive rendezvous. Anything non-primitive needs to be under cover in your tent or lodge. Primitive footwear is required at all times when you are on the trails or on Traders Row. If your feet hurt and you need to wear non-primitive foot wear stay in your camp and relax. Loud and non-primitive print shirts should be left at home as you will be asked to take them off. NO CELL PHONES out in public. If you must use one go to the parking lot or out of camp where you can't be seen. You are expected to arrive and leave in Primitive Attire and stay in period correct attire while in camp. These simple rules will be enforced so help us make this a great primitive event.

Thank You for coming and have a great time.


This Year's Raffle Prizes

Raffle Prizes
Clay Smith English Trade Gun, 62 caliber with a R.E. Davis premium lock. Made by Bob Gass, gun maker and trader THIS OLD GUN.

Certified Beaded Hawk Pipe made by American Indian of the Creek Tribe. Donated by Three Jacks

Camp Hawk made by Dana Turner of Fort Turner. Donated by Three Jacks

Scrimshawed Powder Horn. Made after the original horn by Frances Tansel in 1821. Made and donated by Steve Vance.



Pre-Registration Deadline is: May 19, 2014. Failure to pre-register will result in a $20.00 late fee. Fee will include a medallion for everyone over the age of 13.

If you would like your eMail address added to the Pacific Primitive Rendezvous Notice and Reminder list please send it to the registration Chief Denise Whitmen at the address below.

Denise Whitman picture   Registration Chief - Denise Whitman
(530) 842-5023 ~ denise_whitman@hotmail.com


Gate Hours & Registration

On Friday, June 13th and Saturday June 14th the gate will Open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm for all Blanket Traders and Campers.

Sunday, June 15th hours will be 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. All vehicles must be out of camp one half (1/2) hour after the gate closes.

The gate will close at 5:00 pm Sunday, June 15th, and remain closed (except for emergency vehicles) until Saturday, June 21nd at 6:00 am.

Registration will be open daily during the event from 8:00 to 9:00 am & 3:00 to 4:00 pm.




PPR 2014 will provide toilets, garbage dumpster, and water. There is limited firewood on site. Only use downed trees or wood. NO Cutting of live trees. There will also be some firewood for sale.

RV’s must be fully contained. The RV’s will be set up in the parking area.

Ice will be available for purchase.

Please check the web page for the California Department of Food and Agriculture (cdfa.ca.gov) for possible restrictions on firewood and produce being brought in from out of state. It will be checked at the Calif. Inspection stations when entering the state. Under Calif. Firewood Task Force rules.

Short Stay Camp

There will be a short stay camp outside the gate for those who have to leave early, arrive late or buckskiners who don’t have a period camp but still want to participate. The PPR camp fee still applies.

Freight Wagon

A horse drawn freight wagon will be available for hire to take your camp out for those who want to set up a camp and leave early or bring in your camp if you arrive late. You must schedule a time with the owners before the rendezvous if you know that you will be coming late and will need them or if you are needing them after the PPR has started go to Traders Row and look for the Freight Office to schedule a time. You load it they haul it. Fee will be $25.00 per load.

The owner is Annette Nylander : 916-276-1842 www.bighorseworks.com BIG HORSE WORKS


Full Traders

The gate will be open for Pre-Registered Full Traders only Wed. June 11th from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm For Non Pre-Registered Full Traders the gate will open Thur. June 12th from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. Trade Fee will be in addition to the camp fee. All trade items MUST conform to pre 1840 era and the spirit of the event. Trade Guidelines available on request. Beginning Thursday, June 12th NO Vehicles will remain in camp overnight. Traders Guidelines

For more information contact the Trade Chief.

Trade Chief: Manuel Luis (209) 951-5721 ~ gdy2shu51@att.net
Manual Luis picture


Food Vendors

Food venders are expected to be at the PPR.

Planned Events



Fort Shoot, Trade Gun, Rifle, Squirrel Gun, Novelty, Shotgun & Pistol.

Pee-Wee Rifle, Archery Trail and Hawk & Knife Trail
(Primitive Archer Equipment)

Canon Shoot

Shooting Chief: DeDe Hatley (530)824-0648 ~ dede4893@sbcglobal.net
DeDe Hatley picture


Horse Camp

Obstacle course/weapons, Trappers Run, Parade, Horse

Seminar on Primitive Horse Gear.

Laura Wilkerson (916) 929-3277

Horse Camp Flyer


Kids Events

We have a lot of fun things planned for the kids this year including primitive skills workshops,
games, craft for the wee ones, and of course the Seneca Run. If you would like to help with any
of our events or have any questions please feel free to give me a call. Can't wait to see all of you.

Pam "DOG BISKIT" Raschke (530)274-1253 ~ blueskirt49@gmail.com
Patty Tabor - GREATLY appreciated advisor



Seminars include:

Basic Embroidery   4 Strand Braiding
History of Flags   Native Local Plants and Their Uses
Hide Painting   History of Flags
Capote Making – Bring a blanket and yarn for sewing   Care & Feeding of your Black Powder Weapon
Hand Quilting & Ladies Tea   Finger Weaving
Scrimshaw Seminar   Scottish Trapper History
History of Beads of the Fur Trade   Braiding – Splicing and Tie Ends
History of Tartans / Kilts and Women’s Clothing   How to use your Historic Beads
Flute Seminar   Indian and Scott – A Closer Connection Than You Thought – Seminar
Embroidered Pocket and Ladies Tea   Lewis and Clark at Fort Clatsopy
Making a Tear Shirt/Chemise – Bring 3 yards of pre washed 100% cotton, pencil, paper, scissors, pins, needle and thread   Spa day and Ladies Tea
Beads – Information and Sources   Beads – Materials and Methods - Appropriate Size and Color – How to do it Right
Beading on Brain tan   Broom Making – Bring heavy scissors and a stool
Felted Soap   Tule Bowl Making
Rendezvous Clothing 101   Hand Sewing and Gussets
History of Small Pox and Cholera on the Frontier   Hand Sewing – Finishing Seams

If you would like to conduct a seminar. Please contact the:

Seminar Chief: Denise Roberts ( 541) 601-4192 Please only call between 8am & 8pm~ LadyOR123@yahoo.com

Denise Roberts

Electronic and Electrical Equipment

If you must have any electrical equipment or device for medical reasons it still must be covered, out of sight and unheard at all times. There is no cell phone receprion at the site. There is minimal reception in Brownsville.


If you are planning on bring your dog to the Rendezvous, consider: Is it really a Rendezvous Dog? Does it get along well with others, human or canine? It Will be on a leash (10 feet max) attached to a human or tied to something solid in your camp. Remember any waste or droppings your dog produces you must clean up. Don’t let your dog ruin someone else’s Rendezvous experience.

Dog Soldier Chief - Jerry Flory
Jerry Flory picture
Registration Chief - Denise Whitman
Denise Whitman picture
(530) 842-5023 ~ denise_whitman@hotmail.com
Medical Chief - Holly Blaylock
Holly Blaylock picture
Michael Christopher, Parking Chief
Holly Blaylock picture
Facility Chief - Dave Baker
Dave Baker picture
Brad Scalise, Bacon Eater, Co-Booshway
Booshway Brad Scalise, Bacon Eater
David and Margie Koltun, Gate Chiefs
David and Margie Koltun, Gate Chiefs
Rebecca Callan, PPR Pursor
Rebecca Callan PPR Purser


Registration form & Flyer are in PDF format - the PDF Reader may be downloaded here Adobe