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We have pictures from this year's PPR! Click here

May Update!

Here are some last minute updates.  After rereading the game laws there will be a Fishing Derby for those interested. You can buy a local fishing license (if you don’t already have one) from a couple of places in Paisley. Remember primitive fishing equipment is required! Check out the link for State regulations, and where to buy…. http://www.dfw.state.or.us/resources/licenses_regs/sport_fishing.asp
I have also just been informed that they are planning a cannon shoot for all you Cannoneers.  So bring your cannons!
Things are coming together quickly now, looking forward to seeing you all soon!
PPR 2015 Staff


This year’s Rendezvous is on the Chewaucan River 12 miles outside of Paisley Oregon. There is lots of room for camping, with the Chewaucan River running right alongside!

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Plenty of water and space. We are expecting a large turnout with lots of activities and traders.  We will have seminars, shooting events, Archery, Hawk & Knife,Horse Camp, and Traders Row. A primitive fishing contest and a cribbage tournament add to the fun. Plus old and new friends for the making…

Our love of History in particular, the Mountain Man era is what brings us all together. We all work hard to maintain a Pre 1840 lifestyle and “look”. We expect all to help maintain our “ambiance”.

We will introduce our Chiefs below, if you have questions, or would like to help in their areas, please contact them directly. We all love to talk and visit, so give us a call! Check out the Flier for dates, and special stuff.

Remember the rendezvous begins on the 20th, and ends on the 27th am. Period attire is required. This is not a “beginner” rendezvous, you all know what is required, please help to maintain it.  Pre-registration helps us to prepare for all who are coming. Click to the Registration form, fill it out, and get it sent in…

See you on the Chewaucan!!

Rick Lindsey Rick Tabor

“2 Rick’s No Waiting”

"Broken Chairs will be hosting a Primitive Atlatl shoot. Demonstration on Monday Eve and a shoot on Tuesday and Thursday. Please contact him for more information at 2089352663. If you got one, bring it!"

Rick Lindsey

Rick Lindsey
Rick Lindsy Travis Pool & Rick Taylor Rick Tabor
    Travis Pool
Fred Wright
Fred Wright    

We will be updating the website with special information from our Chiefs, as the time goes on, so check back and see what’s new!   Below is a taste to get you started!



Dean Oliver
Dean Oliver What they need help with:
set up structures – lay out camp – monitor facilities – take down structures
Midge Oliver
Midge Oliver

What they need help with:
Gate help!!! Please call to schedule!

Parking Chief
Old Scout –
Dale Chick

coming soon!

What they need help with:
Parking help!!! Please call to schedule!

Dog Solider Chief
Steve Legacy
Steve Legacy What they need help with:
Dog Solider help. Please call to schedule.
Horse Camp Chief
John & Cathy Cockrum
John Corckrum

What they need help with:
Set ups & Activities

Trade Chief
Blonde Bear (Dale Coleman)
Blond Bear What they need help with:
Medical Chief
Bruce & Vicki Biermann
Woody Butler
Bruce and Vicki Bierman

What they need help with:
Help around the camp – Please call for schedules

Shooting Chief
The Bremerton Brigade
Renita Foust
Ranita Fause

What they need help with:
Set up – take down – activities help

Archery Chief
Mark Rumbaugh
(208) 926-0917
Mark Rumgaugh Archery Rules (Click to view)

Camas French

coming soon!

What they need help with:
Seminar presenters!! Ideas for Seminars – We all know lots! Come share with others!

Special Events
Jean Lindsey
Jean Lindsey

What they need help with:
Ideas & Participants!!!