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Pacific Rendezvous Corporation

In 1991 the Pacific National Rendezvous was formed under the National Muzzleloader Rifle Association (NMLRA) and the first one was held in 1992. In 1995 there was disagreement and voted separation from the NMLRA.

The new Pacific Rendezvous Corporation (PRC) was formed in 1995 and the Pacific Primitive Rendezvous (PPR) was born. The PRC is a non-profit 501(a) corporation.

The Pacific Primitive Rendezvous operates in California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, Canada.


From the new committee chariman:

I want to thank the PPR Council for their confidence in my ability to hold this position. For those who do not know me I have been attending PPR's since the very first in 1992. I was Booshway for the 1998 PPR in Nevada. I own and operate Sweetwater Trading Co. My intention as your Chairman is to maintain the PPR as the highest quality primitive rendezvous in the Western United States.

As your new Chairman I want everyone to know that I am big on communication. I want to hear about any and all ideas, issues, rumors, concerns, suggestions, complaints and compliments you may have or that have been communicated to you by others regarding our organization or our annual rendezvous. I pledge to be timely, honest and forthright in my responses.

Larry Wahrenbrock Chairman 2019 nevadabead@aol.com 775-847-7302

Larry Wahrenbrock Chairman